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Launch Your Business, Product, or Service with Confidence

We specialize in launching start-ups and new product lines from existing companies. Another specialty is finding new revenue streams, and improving online asset profitability.

With a passion for launching businesses and technology, Leanne and Lindsey have been involved in dozens of early stage start-ups and new product launches.

  • App to Detect GMOs in Food, Count Calories, Learn About Health (Launch Of Original App, GMO Logic Development)
  • Bluetooth Technology for Kayak Tracking (Website Content, Early FB Strategy, SEO)
  • Innovative Baby Bottle Now Available In SuperPharm, Leading US Stores (Early FB Strategy & Growth)
  • Hotel Resale Website (Early FB Strategy)
  • Launch of Diet Products (PPC, FB Strategy, Landing Pages)
  • Launch of Real Estate Platform (FB, SEO)

Use Social Media to Engage with Customers and Reach New Customer Acquisition Goals

Need a master social media plan, day-to-day management, or paid campaigns to bring in new customers and improve retention? Utilizing all social media avenues, we will create and distribute impactful posts that will engage and generate sales and lead generation. Let us make you money on Social Media!

Here’s an idea: Save time and money when you let us create your content, manage your page, and solve your social media problems.

Case Study: New Clients Via Facebook

One customer in the diet industry was looking for new customer acquisition channels. When we started, they had almost no revenue and very few if any new customers from social. Using data from Google analytics, research, and our experience, within a year, they had a new revenue stream of $20,000/month and almost 100 new customers via social media.

Get to the Top Search Positions with SEO

If you want to get your website to number one, watch us make it happen in our three month SEO package. We want to improve your position and get you where you need to be.  Before we start, we’ll make sure your analytics and tracking are set up perfectly while we do keyword research. We can then move to on-page optimization and technical improvements to the website to improve SEO link building (categories, canonicals, filters, etc.). We are your complete SEO solution.

Case Study: Launch To First Page

An online store ranks high for many terms, but is short of first page for many key items. Using link building, on-page content, additional website content and external content, in 3 months, the website moved up in position for dozens of targeted keywords.

Win Customers & SEO Benefits With Stellar Copy

We specialize in results-oriented content, from website copy, blogs, external articles, advertising, and marketing copy. Our speciality is winning new customers with carefully crafted, highly personalized high-end content in the technology, health, wellness fields, consumer goods, religious goods and more.

Writers from our staff have appeared in Forbes, Inc., Smashing Magazine, Home Decor Expert, TheFrisky.com & More. We have regular columns in Israeli publications such as Times of Israel and Arutz7. Lindsey Amit is featured as an editor in Nir Eyal’s Book “Hooked.”

Make Money & Reach Goals with PPC

PPC on Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram can bring you revenue, let us show you how. We specialize in maximizing your budget for the highest possible results. Before we work together, we’ll review your budget and goals, determining a chance for success before we even begin.

Case Study: Using Google PPC, we prevented third party resellers from ranking higher than our clients established brand of baby toys.

Business Intelligence & Competitive Analysis

Make more money using our unique analytics strategy developed over several years. Kaye & Perry offers you the opportunity to reverse engineer your online competitors and beat them at their own game. Expensive competitive tools offer up to 5 competitors in analysis. Our proprietary methods allow for 20 competitors for organic keywords, links, texts and display media!

Why use competitive analysis? Reverse engineering competitors and industry leaders is a proven strategy to win the marketshare you want.


We are E-Commerce experts across all platforms; including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. Make more money from SEO, paid and organic. Let us help you manage new website development and migrations, putting your mind at ease that your SEO gains won’t be lost and that your hard work will move your business forward. Feeling stuck on SEO? Low conversion rates? Let us solve your problem.

Case study: When launching a new Christian goods website, a client needed a new name, keyword research, social strategy, SEO, and PPC. We brought them from nothing to being one of the top-ranking ‘Christian goods from Israel’ stores.

E-Mail Marketing

You’ll be impressed with our creative innovative E-mail marketing strategy. Enjoy our creative ideas, as well as the extensive competitor research we’ll do to bring the best strategies for connecting with your target audiences. We use E-mail marketing as a part of a much larger funnel analytics system.

Launch Influencer Outreach

We Invite up to 25 Handpicked Influencers to the Opening. Includes English Language Publication Reviewer, Social Media Influencers. We have contacts at i24 News, Times of Israel, TLV Facebook Groups, Time Out TLV, Jewish Media, TLV Foodie Influencers, Israel Kosher Foodie Influencers. At Event, We Will Be Managing Influencers.

Need to Reach the U.S. and UK Markets?

We Facilitate:

  • Start-Up Launches
  • New Consumer Goods Product Launches
  • New Customer Funnel and Online Asset Growth
  • Creative Solutions in Health, Wellness, Fitness, Diet & Lifestyle Industries

The Team

Our robust team is ready to meet your needs.

Leanne Kaye

CEO, Co-Founder

Leanne is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and marketing expert. Her creative approaches are innovative and executed with precision. Leanne is responsible for client relations and has a proven commitment that consistently surpasses client expectation. For the past 2 years, Leanne and Lindsey have worked together growing online businesses for medium, large, and Fortune 500 companies.

Amit Perry

CEO, Co-Founder

Amit is an experienced and seasoned online marketer, having worked the past 6 years as a Creative Solutions Architect. She specializes in new product launches, e-commerce asset improvement & new revenue streams, and managing all kind of online marketing projects. Before working in marketing, she worked in the education, start-up and PR fields with a focus in finance, data management, and non-profit.

Noam Cohen

Senior Marketing Manager 

With a B.A. from IDC, majored in communications, specializing in marketing. Noam is not only a recent graduate but a seasoned professional. Noam has worked within several companies helping create commercials and shaping their core social media strategies.  

Jo Yaish-Shooman

Senior Copywriter

Jo is a seasoned copywriter with extensive experience in website content, advertising marketing. Her sharp wit and attention to detail help improve conversion rates on e-commerce shops and bring engagement to social media posts. Her blog posts have helped sites climb to the top of search results on a wealth of topics, from jewelry to health & wellness.

Peter Boyce

Senior Writer, Creative Consultant and ESL Specialist

Peter has a B.A. from St. John’s College in the theory of mathematics, and is currently studying for an M.F.A. in Istanbul, Turkey. Before that, he earned his certificate to teach English as a second language and has lived in, and taught in Poland, Morocco and Turkey.

Ilan Navon

Senior Intern, Marketing

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; inside the jewish community. Since high school Ilan was always passionate about literature and communications. He worked as an intern in an advertising agency and was awarded a scholarship to study Communications and SDSU. Ilan was awarded a full scholarship to study at the IDC, specializing in marketing and political communications. 

Elliot Watemberg

Senior Intern, Social Media & Communications

Elliot is a second year communications manager with a specialization in marketing and politics. He grew up in Texas and has a unique perspective that adds a bit of the south to our team. He works on social media graphics, social media management, and blogging

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